Here at MS & J Screw Products, our facility is features a number of machines to fit our customers needs, including 25 of the Davenport and 3 New Britain screw machine.

Capabilities of the Davenport & New Britain Screw Machine

The Davenport Machine & New Britain Screw Machine are both designed for high volume low cost production. Quantities produced range from 5,000 to millions of pieces, though most quantities run are between 10,000 and 1,000,000 pieces.Davenport machinists love to run parts with tolerances of ±.005 on lengths and ±.003 on diameters. The machines are capable of manufacturing in tolerances of ±.001 on length and ±.0003 on diameters and with a microfinish of 32 RMS or sometimes better depending on part configuration.

New Britain Screw Machine:

Diameters: OD up to 1-1/4” and a max length of 5-1/2” 

Davenport Screw Machine:

Length: up to 4 1/2 inches

Diameters: up to 7/8″ round and 3/4″ hex

Common special operations done on a Davenport are:

  • The Davenport is specially suited to make threaded parts, internal and external
  • Slots ( for a screwdriver or expandable part)
  • Flats (External, sometimes one or two flats and sometimes a hex or square)
  • Broaching (for allen wrenches, splines, etc.)
  • Cross drilling and cross tapping
  • Deburring while parting off is done on most parts (no cut-off nib or burrs)
  • When a thru hole is made, a deburring tool is used called a back drill
  • Drilling in the both ends of the part is commonplace
  • Recessing (a groove on the inner diameter of a part)
  • Trepan ( a groove in the end of a part)
  • Knurling ( a spline-like mark on the outer diameter or end of the part that can be a straight, diagonal or diamond shape that provides a good friction grip) commonly seen on thumb screws.

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